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Calling Vancouver, Halifax and Toronto all home might seem like an identity crisis to some but a fresh perspective to others. by.coastal. was born from the insight that while targeting audiences is easier than ever before, truly connecting with them is harder than ever.

With good intentions in mind and a smartphone in hand, content can be thrust into the world with hopes it will gain traction with exactly the audience you had in mind.

But still, a successful digital and social strategy remain a beautiful combination of understanding, art and science.

There are connections to be made from coast to coast. So let's get started.

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Regardless of your industry, building meaningful relationships is critical to attracting and retaining audiences and consumers.

by.coastal. was founded on the understanding that while many audiences share similar characteristics, their geographic locations impact their brand affinity and decision making process in different ways.

With extensive knowledge in Entertainment, Automotive and Transit, by.coastal. draws on a wealth of experience and knowledge to help clients expand their existing footprint and find a deeper connection to their audiences.

Digital Marketing

Seasoned in website project management, content development, email marketing, SEO, SEM, analytics and digital content development.

Social Media Marketing

Experts in paid and organic platform specific strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn, content development, copywriting, targeting and analytics.

Partner Development

Strong partnerships help deliver meaningful content to the right audiences. by.coastal. works to connect partners to drive results.

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Digitally savvy and pop-culture obsessed, Sylvia brings a unique perspective and offering to her work.

Sylvia has built her career on connecting with audiences with work ranging from Mercedes-Benz, Empire Theatres, UP Express and Cineplex Entertainment. 

Sylvia knows the value of a truly engaged audience and works tirelessly to develop fun and creative ways to make an impact.

Having lived on both coasts of Canada twice and now settled in Toronto, Sylvia has a fresh take on how to bring digital content to life.

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